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Registration Process

The application process begins with contacting the directors by phone or email. You may contact Michael Firmin at 706-951-2067 or Beverly Firmin at 706-951-2212 to set up an interview by phone. You may also email them at . We will need to speak with you before sending out an application package.

Application Package

The following are the components of a complete application package. All of these must be received before a candidate will be considered for acceptance in a class:

  • A completed application form
  • A written statement explaining the candidate's desire to enter the program (including a description of family, employment, faith journey and church activities)
  • Three letters of recommendation: one from the candidate's pastor, one from a colleague or coworker, and one from the candidate's current spiritual director, if applicable.
  • A non-refundable application fee of $50.00 which will be applied to the cost of tuition.

Application Review

The directors will review the application, letters of recommendation, and personal statement before making a decision for acceptance or non-acceptance.

Following acceptance, the applicant will receive a letter of confirmation and the date of the first session he/she may enter. There will be ongoing review and evaluation during the program by each student’s spiritual director in the program regarding progress and fitness for the certification for spiritual direction.

If you have any further questions we will be glad to answer them by email or by phone. Please contact us. Our desire is to serve the Body of Christ in providing others with the skills and knowledge to lead others deeper into the heart of Jesus.