Virtue - Alleluia School of Spiritual Direction


Teaches conformity of the believer to the Person of Christ as the paradigm of the virtuous life of good works.

Elements of Spiritual Direction and Practicum

The “Elements” class will be offered during each session. It is a practical course in the basics of offering spiritual direction and includes role play and actual practice in directing. Participants will learn about the process of spiritual direction and learn and practice the skills needed by effective directors. Presentations and practice sessions will focus on the methods and skills involved in the art of Spiritual Direction. Students will learn the basics of conducting interviews, interpersonal dynamics, and the use of Scripture in direction. Topics of contemplative listening, fruitful responding and other essentials of spiritual direction will be presented through lectures and role playing. After completing the second session students will complete a 16 week practicum with a directee under the supervision of the directors of the program.

Living and Growing in Christian Virtue

These presentations will lead the students into prayer exercises and group sharing based on the virtues needed in the Spiritual life. Exploring the virtues extoled by Jesus in the Scriptures and our Spiritual Fathers will provide rich insights a means to grow deeper in our relation to the Trinity.

Seven Deadly Sins and Works of Mercy

An understanding of the pitfalls of the Christian life is essential. What are the origins of the most common sins that we face and how can they be avoided. This course will provide teaching on the seven deadly sins and means of counteracting them by following the call of Christ to love our fellow man. The interconnection of works of mercy and avoiding sin will be explored.