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An Introduction to Prayer

Prayer is our means of relating to God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This course presents various ways of approaching prayer leading to personal growth and on-going conversion. It will include not only a study of prayer and the means to grow in our prayer life but ways of teaching others to pray and will help to prepare the student as an instrument for God’s work.


Teaches conformity of the believer to the Person of Christ as the paradigm of the virtuous life of good works.

Eight Themes for Prayer

Prayer exercises and group sharing based on eight Scriptural themes, i.e. Ignatius’ themes… trust in God, discipleship, responding to God’s love. Personal prayer on these themes and group discussion on prayer times is a vital part of the students’ formation.

Elements of Spiritual Direction and Practicum

The “Elements” class will be offered during each session. It is a practical course in the basics of offering spiritual direction and includes role play and actual practice in directing. Participants will learn about the process of spiritual direction and learn and practice the skills needed by effective directors. Presentations and practice sessions will focus on the methods and skills involved in the art of Spiritual Direction. Students will learn the basics of conducting interviews, interpersonal dynamics, and the use of Scripture in direction. Topics of contemplative listening, fruitful responding and other essentials of spiritual direction will be presented through lectures and role playing. After completing the second session students will complete a 16 week practicum with a directee under the supervision of the directors of the program.

Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit

The importance of recognizing and calling forth gifts is a skill needed by a spiritual director. This course will provide a Scriptural and theoretical background for the baptism and gifts of the Holy Spirit which lay a foundation for a person’s prayer life through the action of the Holy Spirit. The Isaiah gifts will be covered during one week and the 1 Corinthians gifts will be covered the other week. These teachings will include personal reflection on gifts received and practice in exercising these gifts.

Healing Prayer – Theory and Practice

This course will focus on how Jesus healed as well as the historical and Scriptural knowledge of healing. It will include a practical workshop on the importance of past wounds as they affect our directees. Information on various healing ministries in the Church today (such as Theophostic, Unbound) will be presented.

Healing Themes in Scripture for Prayer

Prayer exercises and group sharing based on healing themes in the Bible.

Living and Growing in Christian Virtue

These presentations will lead the students into prayer exercises and group sharing based on the virtues needed in the Spiritual life. Exploring the virtues extoled by Jesus in the Scriptures and our Spiritual Fathers will provide rich insights a means to grow deeper in our relation to the Trinity.

Living the Discerning Life and the Examen Prayer

This course will present discernment as both a way of living the Christian life and of reflection on that life. Ignatius’ expert knowledge of the human person and how we relate to the spiritual life is extremely valuable to discern the movements of the spirits in our lives as we seek to walk deeper with the Lord. It will be based on St. Ignatius of Loyola’s Rules of Discernment and will be presented from spiritual, Scriptural and psychological viewpoints. The use of the Rules in spiritual direction will be taught.

Seven Deadly Sins and Works of Mercy

An understanding of the pitfalls of the Christian life is essential. What are the origins of the most common sins that we face and how can they be avoided. This course will provide teaching on the seven deadly sins and means of counteracting them by following the call of Christ to love our fellow man. The interconnection of works of mercy and avoiding sin will be explored.

Spiritual Warfare – Theory and Practice

Satan is very attentive to those interested in growing in the spiritual life. This course addresses the need to teach and practice spiritual warfare in direction. It will explore spiritual warfare and deliverance, using classics in the spiritual life and scriptural passages to study how Jesus addressed evil.

The Call to Holiness and Spiritual Direction

This course will provide a theological basis for the universal call to holiness and intimacy with the Holy Trinity. It will provide a basis for growth in the student’s own spiritual life and and an understanding the vital importance of personal holiness and growth in providing spiritual direction.