The Alleluia Community was Shining at its Brightest!

From January 12-25th the Alleluia Community was shining at its brightest! Twenty-four students from across the U.S. and Newfoundland, Canada came together to enter into a two week session studying spiritual direction. The Alleluia School of Spiritual Direction is a major outreach program of the community that is meeting a growing need among Christians of all denominations for guidance in the spiritual life. We are training men and women of faith to walk with their brothers and sisters in their journey to the Father.


“Alleluia Community was shining at its brightest” because our gifts were called on to provide meals ( we have amazing cooks in Alleluia!), provide hospitality (which is one of our greatest gifts), and cover the students and presenters in prayer through individual assigned intercessors. Many of the students called on their intercessors during the two weeks as difficulties arose and were greatly blessed as they felt themselves covered in prayer.

This school consists of three two-week sessions covering the topics of Prayer, Healing and Growth. Our Winter Session was on Prayer. We enjoyed listening to Dr. Carole Brown from Faith, S.D. She is the director of a retreat center there and has a doctorate in spirituality. She was so encouraging and knowledgeable. When asked why people today don't experience growth in prayer she said, “ ...because people won't commit to putting prayer as a priority in their lives”. The other presenter was Rev. Peter Ryan. He taught skills to assist the students and their future directees in discerning God's will in their lives using St. Ignatius' Rules of Discernment and the value of examining our lives each day to become familiar with God's continuous action in our lives. Many members of Alleluia and the wider Augusta Christian community were able to attend some of the evening presentations, since they are always open to the public.

The School is a work of God. He has blessed it since the beginning, providing wonderful presenters and amazing students. St. Joseph's Church in Augusta graciously allows us use of their campus for the two weeks twice a year. Since the first session of the School in 2015, we have graduated 35spiritual directors who are now providing spiritual direction for many Christians desiring a deeper walk with the Lord. We currently have 35 students enrolled in the school in their second or third sessions. It looks like the next two sessions will also be full as we have people applying now for the Summer 2020 (May 31-June 13) and Winter 2021 (Jan 10-23) sessions!

If God is moving your heart to become a spiritual director, contact Mike or Bev Firmin and they will send you an application and information about the school. There are printed brochures in the Alleluia Community Office. Even if God is not calling you to attend the school, please keep us in your prayers. If you are desiring a spiritual director to accompany you in your walk with God, we have a list of directors in our area who have been trained and certified.