Some Thoughts on Prayer and Spiritual Direction

  • To be a good Christian, prayer is necessary on a daily basis. Our God is a living God, with whom we must converse.
  • Real prayer begins when the most difficult thing to do, is pray.
  • When it comes to prayer, we are all beginners, no matter how long we have been praying.
  • The secret of a prayer life is PERSEVERANCE, every day, no matter how difficult or dry.
  • One of the hindrances to prayer is impatience, the anxiety to become a person of prayer instantly.
  • Prayer does not change God. He is unchangeable. Prayer is to change me.
  • You can read all the books in the world on prayer, but to pray you have to do it, and give it time.
  • It is very important to set aside the same time and place every day to pray, and to be very faithful to your APPOINTMENT WITH GOD.
  • The morning is the best time for prayer, bur it requires discipline and going to bed at a reasonable hour.
  • Never judge prayer by feelings. We come to prayer for God, not for His gifts.
  • The dry times in prayer are vital to mature prayer life. One simply has to be faithful, no matter how one feels.
  • Never cut corners on your time for prayer. Stay the full time. A half-hour is minimal. Eventually one will need more time. Do not be stingy with the Lord as far as your time is concerned.
  • Be totally honest in spiritual direction. Be honest about your relationship with God and with others.
  • Good spiritual direction can only take place when there is faithfulness to prayer. Otherwise, it can turn into a gripe session or a social get-together.
  • A daily contemplation of the Word of God in the Holy Scripture is essential for deep prayer and union with God.
  • The goal of spiritual direction is to help the directee grow in intimacy with God, known as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • Spiritual direction is a grace-filled event. It is guided by the Holy Spirit, who is the true director. The hearts of both the director and the directee must always be open to the Spirit.
  • The spiritual director should pray daily for his directees, and the directees for their director.

These recommendations were written by Rev. Tony Manochio, and edited by Rev. Brett Brannen and Mike Firmin.